Akpan and Oduma

Akpan & Oduma: Small World 0    0

Akpan and Oduma insult a man on their way in search of a job, little did they know the man was the boss at the same company they had applied for employment.

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Akpan and oduma comedy - Hustlers 0    0

This is another funny comedy video from our hilarious friends akpan and oduma titled hustlers that will make you laugh until you forget your age. Watch how Akpan and oduma pretends to be Nepa officia...

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Akpan And Oduma: ASUU STRIKE, Pregnancy rate increases alarm... 0    0

Akpan & Oduma is a short comedy skit that follows the antics of the title characters; Akpan and Oduma, two young men from the village. They find themselves in Lagos and most times end up in tr...

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AKPAN & ODUMA: Love Potion 0    0

Akpan's quest to get his girlfriend back lands him into trouble.

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