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VIDEO TITLE 14 Stupendous EMMANUELLA Comedy VIDEOS (Best of Emmanuella - PART 2)

// BEST of EMMANUELLA (Part 1): https://youtu.be/Xuuwq4jww6A


✔Emmanuella BEHIND the Scenes: Best of Emmanuella - https://youtu.be/2Gj_JxBp7b0

✔EMMANUELLA is Being Digitally Drawn - https://youtu.be/3LRDZfTCihI

✔ Best of CrazeClown Comedy PART 1: https://youtu.be/ZxCHX2KBTcw

✔ Best of CrazeClown Comedy PART 2: https://youtu.be/eEiz0m5CRYA


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Hi, Welcome to this part 2 of the Best of Emmanuella Series. In this Compilation, we feature the following Episodes;

1. The Headies
2. Touch Me
3. Who Drove Who
4. Cho Cho Cho
5. Who is Your Pastor
6. Emanuella Sleep
7. How Much
8. Combantrin
9. Flog Emmanuella
10. Keep Your Head Well
11. In-law Inlaw
12. Longer Throat
13. Question and Answer Game
14. Take to Where
15. Pot of Soup



1. Emmanuella is 6yrs Old,she was born on July 6 , 2010, Her real name is Emanuella Samuel.

2. Emmanuella is Related to Mark Angel, She is Mike Angel’s cousin in real life, she was discovered by Mark Angel Comedy Foundation, she is also one of the kids in his Acting school.

3. Young Emmanuella has won many awards including the G Influence Niger Delta- Special Talent Award in 2015.

4. Young Emmanuella is in Primary 1 (Basic One), She attends Perfect International School, Port-Harcourt.

5. Basket Mouth & Kelvin Hart are her role models.. Her Favourite colour: Yellow, Red & Purple Her Favourite Food: Stewed Rice & Chicken.
Mark Angel talks on little Emmanuella, comedy biz

Mark Angel Comedy has taking over the airwaves with their hilarious comedy skits which always go viral. NAIJ.com spoke with ‘Uncle Mark’ as little Emmanuella always refers to Mark Angel.

He spoke on how he discovered the little Emmanuella, how the comedy is affecting little her education and how he abandoned a promising career in medical line for comedy.

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